Innovation and Education – Innovación y Educación

We are almost done with the first semester here at Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de Málaga, España. Two weeks ago, we finish the Degree Course Music Education with the presentations of my students (We are not done yet, they are working on the audiotales!!), and last week, we had the presentations of the […]

Con Alhándal, de nuevo en la carretera acompañado a Tierra Santa

  ********* I told you 2018 is going to be a great year… First, Alhándal is going to open for Tierra Santa – FB Oficial in some of the concertos of their new album presentation tour, #QuintoElemento. The first date is almost here: next Saturday February the 3rd we’ll go to Santiago de Compostela in order to begin this […]

Music Education

  One more year, the classes of Music Education are over. I’ve been teaching this same subject for many years, but every single group of students is different. This specific one was sometimes difficult to handle, but talented, nice and diverse, in the wider and positive meaning of the word. Every year, I also try […]